Wellbeing consultancy

Central to Cognitive Direction’s consultancy approach is the desire to bridge wellbeing value drivers and the functional needs of the business. In doing so we can deliver a valuable wellbeing asset for all stakeholders by using both qualitative and quantitative psychological research methods.

What we can offer

Cognitive Direction can help to clarify the importance of wellbeing and corporate mental health in the workplace. Our strategies and assessments can be implemented and monitored within teams, units and organisations. In doing so, we give management the capabilities and confidence to recognise wellbeing, wellness and corporate mental health concerns.  All of our consultants are trained in the very latest qualitative and quantitative psychological research methods.

Corporate mental health

All members of staff have the right to work in environments which promote security, equality, freedom of expression and dignity. It’s important to understand the benefits of supporting, enhancing and integrating those most vulnerable to challenges. Cognitive Direction can help clients explore coping strategies to redeem these benefits and guard against discrimination, distress and stigma.

Empowering management

Unfortunately, senior management are often too preoccupied with immediate business interests or feel ill equipped to support members of staff with wellbeing or mental health concerns. Operating in dynamic and rapidly changing business environments they can find it difficult to ensure the appropriate scaffolding and guidance. This situation can be based on a lack of clear concepts, guidelines and techniques to execute an effective intervention. Cognitive Direction can empower management through training, education, preparation and support.

Pricing Structure

We operate with a transparent fee structure and system for estimating costs.

If you would like to discuss how our wellbeing consultancy service could work for you or to schedule a meeting please contact us on info@cognitivedirection.com or call 020 8798 3455

Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change