Stress Management London

Our Cognitive Direction Stress Management programme explores what causes stress, both negative and positive, and looks at what techniques can be implemented to ensure employees’ health and wellbeing is protected within the office environment.

If an employee’s health and wellbeing is adversely affected by stress then the health of the business will also suffer. The Health and Safety Executive report that 39% of all work related illnesses are a result of stress, with 11.3 million working days lost in 2014. An office with minimum and managed stress levels is happier, more productive and ultimately a better company.

Our Cognitive Direction Stress Management programme includes:

  • Exploring the science behind stress
  • The impact of stress upon cognitive function in the workplace
  • Where the tipping point lies between positive and negative stress
  • What the health implications of high stress levels are to individuals and the business
  • The strategies and techniques which can be used to decrease stress
  • How to keep health and performance at optimal levels

Our Cognitive Direction Stress Management programme explores the latest scientific and medical developments to target and eradicate negative stress whilst optimising how to make positive stress work for you.  All attendees will be given a tool kit to use both in the workplace and at home.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email to find out more.

Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change