Psychology of Success

Our Cognitive Direction Psychology of Success programme has been designed to challenge overreliance on automatic responses, and to engage with your cognitive functions to better respond to situations for success both at work and home.

All of the automatic behaviour programmes we use to live our lives are run from the subconscious so in a way it is our internal autopilot. It affects instincts, perceptions and habits without utilising cognitive thinking. Now imagine the difference to your working life, career success and motivation if you actively engaged with and questioned why you have chosen to do a certain task that way.

Our Cognitive Direction Psychology of Success programme includes:

  • An overview of the systems that exist within us and an understanding of why they exist
  • How to increase awareness of the automated system
  • The techniques to employ to get the unconscious to work for us
  • How to create behaviours, patterns and habits of success
  • The tools and techniques used to create positive habits
  • Understanding of why most people fail at changing behaviour, and how not to fall into this trap

Our Cognitive Direction Psychology of Success programme explores the science and research behind this fascinating world of the subconscious, and identifies the key techniques to create change, improve performance and lock in sustainable success.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email to find out more.

Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change