Power of Personality

Our Cognitive Direction Power of Personality programme will not only equip recruiters and Human Resource departments with a scientific knowledge of personality testing but also help team members unlock their potential by understanding their own personality traits and narratives.

Do you constantly find yourself justifying bad recruitment decisions? Does your team suffer from poor communication and a lack of authenticity? Traditional personality testing tries to reduce individuals down to a set of numbers and dimensions in order to make decisions and measurements. Are these measurements reliable and what if they resulted in you missing out on potential superstars? Imagine the competitive edge of a workplace where colleagues didn’t keep ideas to themselves, understood how to maximise creative flows, excelled in decision making and didn’t just say what they thought you wanted to hear. Our Cognitive Direction Power of Personality programme will equip and empower this reality.

Our Cognitive Direction Power of Personality programme includes:

  • Individual and group personality testing and discussion
  • The science behind trait theory and the Five Factor Model (FFM)
  • Debates on personality testing such as Myers-Briggs and the HEXACO model
  • The strengths and weaknesses of persona in the workplace
  • Tools and techniques to increase authenticity in the office
  • Future trends and best practice methods in personality assessment

Our Cognitive Direction Power of Personality programme exposes the myths and explores the facts and latest scientific research into personality testing whilst helping you introduce best practice methods to help you select, optimise and harmonise your teams.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email info@cognitivedirection.com to find out more.

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