Physical Wellbeing

Our Cognitive Direction Physical Wellbeing programme will empower you to adapt a more active lifestyle that is complimentary to your working life.

Research has shown that working long hours is associated with a significantly increased risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. At Cognitive Direction we know that sometimes long hours can’t be avoided and we also know from health professionals that increasing physical wellbeing will reduce these sickness risks. Exercise can also increase brain function, especially those areas relating to what are known as ‘executive control tasks’ which include planning, decision making and multi-tasking. In this programme we cut through the mythology of exercise and consider the science and facts.

Our Cognitive Direction Physical Wellbeing programme includes:

  • The optimal times to exercise and the science behind this
  • The frequency and duration of physical exercise needed to optimise health and productivity benefits
  • The exercises that produce the best results for our physical wellbeing
  • The exercises that require the least time in our already busy schedules and how to incorporate active living into our working lifestyles
  • The exercises to avoid if they risk being detrimental to our wellbeing
  • The exercises which are known to boost cognitive function

Our Cognitive Direction Physical Wellbeing programme explores the latest scientific research whilst providing strategies, workouts, motivation and solutions to optimise the physical wellbeing and cognitive performance of both you and your colleagues.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email to find out more.

Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change