Nutritionist London

Our Cognitive Direction Nutrition and Diet programme will equip you with the knowledge and processes needed to make this a reality.

Do your work meetings typically include pastries and sandwiches? Foods with little nutritional value, hidden sugar and subsequent post-mealtime energy slumps. A poor diet can cause fatigue, energy dips, lead to a lack of concentration, affect mood, sleep patterns and create bad health conditions. Just think what a positive difference to your work place you could make by changing nutritional norms to improve your physical wellbeing, cognitive abilities and energy levels.

Our Cognitive Direction Nutrition and Diet programme includes:

  • Learning the science behind good and bad diets
  • Ways to make our bodies and mind more efficient through nutrition
  • The types of food we should eat at work and home
  • How to avoid poor concentration, lack of focus and cognitive blocks through dietary choices
  • Means to eradicate the mid-afternoon energy slump
  • The impact of what we drink on performance and cognitive function

Our Cognitive Direction Nutrition and Diet programme exposes the myths and explores the facts and latest scientific research into what and when you should be eating and why in order to optimise your wellbeing performance and life style.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email to find out more.

Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change