Corporate Decision Making

Our Cognitive Direction Corporate Decision Making programme is intended for senior executives whose daily work includes making key business decisions, assessing risks, dealing with probabilities and staff management.

How do we reach decisions, do we use our gut feeling or go on past experiences? Most individuals are complacent in relying heavily upon their intuition for decision making. We also carry cognitive biases, many of which we are unaware of. For executives for whom the bulk of responsibility of any decision is laid, the risks and exposure of an incorrect decision are high. It’s vital, therefore, in business to actively understand and engage with cognitive functions to increase the likelihood of success.

Our Cognitive Direction Corporate Decision Making programme includes:

  • Understanding the main cognitive biases
  • Awareness and tools to prevent unwarranted impressions impacting upon evaluations
  • The strategies available to avoid classic cognitive biases
  • How to identify and prevent errors from being made
  • Learning the extent self control plays in decision making and how to increase this to make better judgements
  • How to avoid jumping to unjustified conclusions

Our Cognitive Direction Corporate Decision Making programme introduces best practice techniques to recognise situations and environments where mistakes and bad decision making are highly likely. Our aim is to provide every attendee with the strategies, tools and techniques to enhance and optimise their individual decision making processes and skills.

This programme is available as a full day workshop, half day workshop or can be combined with our other programmes. Please email to find out more.

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