Corporate Programmes

Most corporate training experts simply hand you a stack of information and leave you to it. What does all the data mean? What are the implications? What should you do with it? What actions should you take in light of this information?

At Cognitive Direction, we don’t just provide information, we go further and provide you with intelligence. Intelligence which includes tangible, practical step-by-step solutions all of which are backed up by evidence and the very latest scientific research.

We understand that the resources of every organisation are precious and that all learning and development has to be justified. Equally we understand just how important it is to invest in tangible development which has a direct impact on wellbeing, effectiveness, energy and cognitive abilities.

Having attended many courses, workshops and seminars throughout the years we know that familiar, unsatisfying sense on completion of ‘what did we actually learn’? Although the facilitators were fun and generally appeared to be good people something was missing. Nothing new was ever really presented or covered. No practical solutions were ever offered and none of the content ever had a measurable or tangible element.

At Cognitive Direction our passion and focus is in providing scientifically researched information with cutting edge solutions, ideas and strategies to optimise the wellbeing, performance, productivity and sustainability of every individual, team and organisation we work with.

We offer a range of programmes all of which focus on strategies to improve performance, function, physical and mental energy, cognitive abilities (including concentration, decision making and creativity) and wellbeing both at home and in the work place.


On completion of our programmes attendees will leave with: a comprehensive knowledge of the subject area; exposure to the latest scientific research and development in each field; having had an opportunity to practice technological and practical solutions; and tangible and sustainable strategies to put in place individually and collectively as part of a team and organisation.


Our Cognitive Direction Corporate Programmes are run as a dynamic and interactive workshop. Participants are encouraged to join in with group discussions, demonstrations and practical experiences.

The techniques, strategies and skills provided are all available to take away and participants will have the chance to explore them within the structure of the programme. All materials are provided by Cognitive Direction and during each programme there are plentiful opportunities for questions and answers to ensure participants finish the programme feeling knowledgable and empowered.

Cognitive Direction’s Corporate Programmes are ideal for six to eight participants per workshop, but can accommodate up to twelve people.

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Our goal is always to provide wellbeing intelligence and
deliver practical, positive and sustainable change